Why Oneness?

The universe is One, hence the term uni-verse.  It is a Whole – manifested in countless forms which are ever-changing, and endlessly evolving.  The Whole is All and One, which is why there can be no “separate creator god” for the universe outside of the Whole, as nothing can be outside ALL since All is ALLTherefore, there is nothing “beyond” it, “outside” it, or “separate” from it.  That is why the notion of “substance dualism,” the idea there are two self-essential realities, one material and the other “spiritual,” and ”parallell universes” or other like notions, are not true.  The reason they are not true is because all of them fail to recognize the Truth All is One.  Ultimately, everything is nothing more than a manifestation of the same One – different “faces” and “appearances” of the same one thing, which is not actually a “thing” persay, but ALL, the Whole.  This means no matter what we observe, no matter how different and seemingly unrelated something appears to be to something else, they are in Truth, the SAME.  It is the illusion of appearances and our notions of self which give us the impression of “separate” essential entities which appear to have an independent life of their own. This is an illusion since all is One. 

The ego, which is a form of energy’s awareness of the limits of its form, and the limits of other forms,  is the creator of all notions of relativity and separateness, which is ultimately an illusion.  A form of energy’s self-consciousness, or awareness of the limits of its form, is the very notion of “self.”  We believe in the illusion that relativity and separateness is an actual reality, independent of our minds, but the very notion of relativity itself is only possible with the notion of the “I,” the “self,” the ego, because the ego is the “measuring stick” against which all things are judged and deemed “relative.”   That is why without the ego, relativity and all notions of separateness do not exist.   The fact absolutely nothing whatsoever exists independently of anything else, and is always a combination of multiple pre-existing elements, clearly demonstrates the fact and Truth of Oneness.  Only if things existed independently from everything else could Oneness not be true.  Since everything co-exists in dependence on everything else, all is truly One. 

Another way to illustrate the ultimate Truth of Oneness is to think of a pie.  If we take one pie, and then cut it up into multiple pieces, is it still one pie, or is it many pies? Nobody calls a slice of pie a separate pie in and of itself.  It is still just one pie now divided into many pieces.  The oneness of the pie – the fact it is one pie, remains no matter how many times we divide it with slices, just as all elements within the universe, including our egos, are merely pieces of the same one universe. All notions of separate “pieces” as being self-contained entities within themselves, which is the notion of ego, is an illusion.  Since ego is illusion, all notions of separate, self-essential “beings,” even the notion of a separate ”supreme being ego-god” is also an illusion…

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