What is God?

While all words are ultimately inadequate to express what God truly is, perhaps the best way to describe God is the Oneness of All. God is the One, the Uncreated All. God is that which is never born and never dies, that which has always been and will always be. We are all in a sense “God’s children” in that we are all of the same One, but that One is not a “separate being” who “makes decisions,” who has a “plan” or a “will,” with “likes” and “dislikes” as God is thought of having within traditional Judeo-Christian thought. These are all characteristics of a self, or an ego. God is not an ego, as Judeo-Christian projections of God would have us believe, because God is not limited to a separate being, entity, or thing. God is not a being. God is being. God is ALL.

That means God, the One, has no preferences, no judgment, does not make things happen nor prevent things from happening. Consciousness, God, Truth, the Oneness of All is that which “sees itself” in the mirror of existence. Consciousness, “God,” needs manifested existence to see itself, as without the mirror, manifested existence, there is no self-consciousness – that is, the One can have no consciousness of itself without the mirror of ever-changing manifested existence. Our lives, our egos, and the whole of manifested existence is both “God’s dreams” and “God’s nightmares.” Just as we have no conscious “control” of our dreams and nightmares, so too God has no control over the “dreams” and “nightmares” of manifested existence. God, Life, All, simply IS. Knowledge of this truth frees one of the need to justify and rationalize why God “does this” or “does not do that” because since God is not an ego, then God, in truth, does nothing. God IS. In light of this, many would complain, “What good is such a God?” The answer is, such a God is neither good, nor bad, and transcends all which is dual. Since the True God is ALL, One, and undivided, then God cannot be manipulated, twisted, and played games with, as so many have tried to do throughout the eons of humanity’s existence. In many ways, God is absolutely nothing like us since nothing is like the All – egoless and complete unto itself. Still, in some ways we are amazingly like God because we, like All, are one body, with many parts and aspects of what makes us. God is everything and nothing. It has no face. It has no identity, without ego, only reflected in the ever-changing manifestations of the same One of “Itself.”

Believing in God as a “supreme being,” as yet another ego with likes and dislikes, like a human being, forces us to go into all kinds of rationalizations and justifications for God’s supposed “actions,” whether our egos label them “good” or “bad.” While this gives theologians, and apologist authors such as Lee Strobel and Harold Kushner a job, it creates irresolvable conflict and contradiction for anyone trying to believe in such a dualistic “god.” Belief in such a “god” can only create conflict since all egos, including the Judeo-Christian conception of God, are by nature, dualistic, which is contradiction itself, requiring justification, like justifying why “bad things happen to good people,” why innocent babies are taken from their mothers, and mothers from their babies in hurricanes, why the “righteous” appear to suffer while the “unrighteous” enjoy prosperity, etc. The ego justification game, which is the endless defense and rationalization of our ideas about a two-sided “god” who rewards and punishes, is an example of unreasonable faith, and is completely unnecessary in the awareness that God is not an ego, but the Oneness of All.

All scriptural contradictions stem from this core fatal flaw – the belief in an ego-god, which is completely untrue. What is of ego is dual, divided, and therefore contradicted, requiring endless justification. Truth, being One, never needs justification, and therefore has no contradiction. That is the beauty of truth. The justification game only exists to defend the lie, and that is what theology is all about, no matter what the religious tradition. “Apologists” are by definition, defenders of lies since truth requires no defense. Since only lies need be defended, apologists are by definition, defenders of lies – of beliefs about God, not truth. Theologians are nothing more than those who create, maintain, and justify false notions of “god,” since every theology is only a dualistic, egotistical projection of what we think God is, not the reality of truth.

Like sunlight, which is never seen, but only its reflection, all of manifested existence reflects God, but is not in and of itself God. Since ego is illusion, then the notion of God being a “self” or an ego unto himself who is “supreme” over all of creation is also an illusion. For if God is a separate “supreme” being, then he too is an illusion since no being, form, or ego whatsoever is Truth. ALL beings, ALL egos, all forms are illusions since all beings, forms, and egos are impermanent. That is why the “god” of the Judeo-Christian tradition is untrue. The entire foundation of the Judeo-Christian tradition depends on the reality of the self, of the ego, because everything within Judeo-Christian belief, from God to Satan, to individual “souls” are all nothing more than individuals, selves, egos. Although atheists can go into all kinds of “proofs” to show God does not exist, as Brian Marshall does on his God is Imaginary” website, they are doing more work than they need to. It really comes down to three simple truths…

– All is One.

– Therefore, ego is illusion.

– Therefore, the concept of an “ego-god” is also an illusion.

Very simple. The avenues of both fact and truth, lead us to the same awareness – the Judeo-Christian conception of God is untrue, because it is a house of cards built upon the sand of the biggest lie virtually all theists and atheists alike believe in – the essential reality of the self, of the ego. Without the essential and permanent reality of the self, all ego-theistic religions, as well as the entire Judeo-Christian conception of God, cease to exist. To lack awareness of the impermanence of the self, the ego, is to miss every stitch of truth. To fail to see ego’s impermanence is to see nothing. This is the state of the vast majority of the entire world, which is why our lives are delusional and chaotic.

The bottom line is this – Since all egos are illusion, then the very foundation of all ego-theistic and Judeo-Christian belief – its very conception of God and salvation, is also an illusion. God is not a limited ego. God is the unlimited, uncreated Oneness of ALL.

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