If I’m Dead, Listen to This First

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Nov 25, 2022 • 47:50

In this episode, I begin reflecting on an excellent Thanksgiving holiday with my good friends and my stepmom, as well as a wonderful surprise visit from my daughter and her boyfriend on Thanksgiving Day.  The bulk of this episode is dedicated to talking about my misgivings about the fact I have had to hide my true thoughts on religion and the God question from my close friends and family, the text of which can be found on “The Mystical Voice” “About Me” section.  I have for a time been thinking about creating this episode and modifying the “About Me” page on “The Mystical Voice” to better explain myself and the reasons why I felt compelled to hide this important part of myself from the majority of my friends and family. I entitle this episode “If I’m Dead, Listen to this First,” so that if I am gone, those who knew me and discover the identity of the person behind this will better understand where I was coming from, why I felt I had to hide this part of myself, and humbly ask forgiveness of those whom I never intended to hurt or betray. I sincerely apologize for any hurt the revelation of these facts may cause.

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