True Hell

Virtually all human experience exists within the ego, the father of fear, and it is upon this foundation of sand we attempt to build a life which inevitably brings frustration and conflict.  The reason for this is because the ego is the self, or self-concept, which is put together through time by our experiences and our reactions to those experiences.  This, by definition, makes the ego prejudice and belief itself, which cannot see the Truth since Truth can never be witnessed through the screen of bias, prejudice and belief.  These conflicting beliefs and prejudices of every individual attempt to be in “relationship” with each other, which breeds inevitable conflict since no two egos, with their unique beliefs and prejudices are exactly the same.  The human attempt to “fix” this problem throughout the ages has been to grasp for power, and from that position of power to then coerce others to agree with us, and/or behave the way we want them to through fear, wars, manipulaton, reward, and punishment. We have done this, and continue to do this on both an individual level, in our relationships with ourselves and within our personal relationships, and on a societical, global level as well.  This is the “sin of the world.” 

This false way to “order” our lives has become so important to humanity, we have gone so far as to create formal structures for this coercion to take place through governments and religions, with their rules, regulations, laws, and standards of behavior.  This is the price we pay for not living from a point of Truth, Love, and instead living from a point of fear and ego.  Even casual observations of the world in which we live make the fact very clear our society is 100% founded on fear, self, and ego.  It is no wonder we live in a world of war, conflict, and misery, as that is all a world founded on the self, ego can ever produce.  Regardless of what actions we take in an attempt to “correct” the inevitable issues resulting from living for self, ego, unless Love, Truth becomes the foundation of our society, we can only sweep these issues under the rug, or put a Band-Aid on it, since the problem will still remain since the issue is the very foundation of our society itself.  It is the classic example of treating the symptoms without curing the cause. No matter how cleverly we try to “transcend” these issues by believing, hoping, and wishing for a “savior,” false “god,” or anything else to rescue us from this misery, it is only our own awareness to the fact of our conditioning which can set us free. 

Since ego, which is the totality of our conditioning, is the unstable platform upon which we construct these hopes and dreams, our religions, beliefs, and saviors which cannot set us free, then freedom can therefore lie only outside of all these illusional self-made constructions of the self, ego.  That which is True, God, Love, the Real, can only be discovered by Truth, God, Love within us, as all which is seen by the limited ego is delusion and self-deception. The term “sowing in the flesh,” is the futile attempt of the ego to put together a belief, false god, or savior to set itself free.  The problem is, the ego can never set itself free.  It will forever be trapped within the limitations of itself, which is the definition of true Hell.  In a way, “Hell” is “eternal,” always irreconcilable if you will, as it can never free itself from its own misery.  All of our attempts to transcend this by constructing our religions, beliefs, and world views only provide at best, possible pain relief, but can never transcend the real issue, which is nothing more than a lack of self-awareness.  The ego is the animal running in a wheel which can never get off the wheel. The more it runs, the more exhausted it gets, eternally frustrated, and never escaping its misery.  This is the true definition of Hell. 

The ego is Satan, pure and simple, because it is the father of all which is the lie.  This is why nobody can provide us True Salvation but awareness of God, Love, Truth within us.  Only God, Love, Truth, is our salvation, as only Love, Truth, can reveal itself to itself.  As found in Isaiah 43:10-11“You are my witnesses,” declares the Lord, “and my servant whom I have chosen… Before me no god was formed, nor will there be one after me.  I, even I, am the Lord, and apart from me there is no savior.”  This knowledge makes the Christian conception of “salvation” being “purchased” by the blood sacrifice of Jesus nonsensical. It does not make sense since “Heaven” is not a place we go based on our “righteousness” before a “just” and “holy” god, but the awareness of our True Identity as God, Love, Truth within, which is the ability to see without the limitations of ego, its prejudice, fear, and insecurity.  This ability to see Truth is obviously a product of true self-awareness, and has nothing whatsoever to do with anyone dying for us or “saving” us from a so-called “just” and “holy” god. 

The notion of a “just” and “holy” god is a concept and nothing more.  It is therefore not Truth, as Truth is never a concept or idea put together in time.  Truth cannot be coerced, manipulated, or formulated into a belief, religion, or ideology.  If you can organize it, buy it, sell it, convince people of it, then it is not Truth.  It is that which is a product of the self, the ego, the lie…


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