The Creator IS the Created

One of the problems people can run into when contemplating the mysteries of the universe, is in believing there must have been a “beginning” to it all.  This comes from our perception of the illusion of time, created by the ego, which is the measurement of the phenomena of ever-changing appearances.  The Bible gets started on a less-than-stellar foot with its first words being non-truthful… “In the beginning.” These words are not true because there was never a beginning, nor will there ever be an end since the All of Life is always, and time is an illusionTo believe in a “beginning” is to believe in the illusion of time, and its author, the ego.

Another problem people can encounter when contemplating the mysteries of the universe, our world, and humanity itself, is to believe there must be a “creator” for everything.  The logic is that since something exists, there must have therefore been “something” or “someone” who created what exists, hence the notion that what is created cannot exist without a creator.  When looking at it from a human perspective, we know that a symphony, a painting, or a poem could not have been created without a creator – a composer, a painter, or a poet.  We therefore apply this logic and conclude that the universe and all things within it could not have come to be without a creator behind it.

On the surface, this logic appears to make sense, but when you ask the first logical question, “Who then, created the “uncreated” Creator, since all which exists requires a creator?,”  the entire argument falls apart right then and there because it contradicts itself.  We cannot say on the one hand that everything which exists requires a creator, and that the existence of the universe must therefore have a creator behind it by virtue of its existence, while on the other hand say this logic does not apply to the Creator himself, that the Creator does not himself require a creator.  If the created requires a creator, then the creator requires a creator.  We cannot have it both ways.  It is fascinating when one examines much of religious belief; one discovers this double-standard logic almost everywhere, revealing the non-truthfulness of it.  The Truth of this question is all or nothing – either there is no separate “creator” who created anything, that all is One, and what exists is “created” out of the re-arrangement of what has always been and will forever be, or you have to use self-contradictory double-standard logic, and say there is a creator because creation proves his existence, then say the creator does not himself require a creator, which makes absolutely no sense.

It is awfully convenient to use a logical argument for the side one wishes to prove, while dismissing that same logic when it cannot answer the other side of the argument.  This forces one to simply “throw away” logic for the second half of the argument, which completely invalidates the entire argument.  Ending the inquiry with the lame excuse, “We cannot understand the mysteries of our Lord,” is no answer at all.  Either the logic applies for both sides of the argument, or it is completely invalid.  That is the beauty of the “no creator” argument – there is no contradiction, which proves it is Truth, as Truth never contradicts itself.  Only the lie contradicts itself.

Once again, we see that without awareness of the Oneness of All, one becomes confused by the illusions of the notions of “I,” “self,” and “other.”  While the perception of the individual and of others appear “real” to us, this perception is ultimately an illusion, or Maya, as it is referred to in Buddhism.  The Ultimate Reality is the Truth All is One.  This is why the Christian, Islamic notion of the “immortality of the soul,” the idea of a “permanent, individual ego” is a complete fiction.  Obviously neither religious tradition perceives the Oneness of All, and so they project this illusory notion into Eternity.

In the realization of this fact, we see that no beings whatsoever are reality, not even the notion of a “supreme being ego-god.” In a sense, nobody and nothing exists, since the concept of “other” is an illusion to the Ultimate Truth All is One, and all things are in constant flux and changeThere is no permanence to any manifested thing because there is no individual essence to anything, once again illustrating the Truth there is no such thing as an “immortal soul.”  Since All is One, then there can be no Creator as separate and distinct from creation itself.  In a sense, the creator is the created, but the “creator” is never separate from creation.  All is One, and the totality of manifested creation, both the seen and unseen is nothing more than ever-changing appearances of the same One.  The notion of “creation” as involving something coming into existence which did not exist before is an illusion and impossible since all of the “stuff” of creation – consciousness/energy, was never created.  It has always been and will forever be, and is simply being constantly and endlessly rearranged and transformed, just as a composer re-arranges notes into a unique composition, but does not create the tones, or as a painter re-arranges shades of color into a unique painting, while the colors have always been.  The universe is never separate from itself, and consists of consciousness/energy.  Matter is simply another manifestation of energy.  Matter and energy are the same, as Einstein expressed with the formula E=Mc2.  

One aspect of consciousness is form.  All within manifested creation has form, “design” if you will.  Theists often like to use the “intelligent design” argument to prove the existence of God.  William Paley, in his book “Natural Theology,” stated that the complexity of living organisms was evidence for the existence of a divine creator by drawing a parallel between the way the existence of a watch compels belief in an intelligent watchmaker. Richard Dawkins, the author of the book, “The Blind Watchmaker,” draws a distinction between human design and our potential for planning, with the phenomena of natural selection.  He called this apparent “design” within creation like that of a blind watchmaker.  The “watchmaker” is said to be “blind” because this “design” is not happening as a result of an individual “will,” “purpose,” or “plan,” but rather millions of years of natural selection.  What is actually happening when we observe complex formal structures in the universe is the reality of consciousness, the One, simply manifesting what is an inherent aspect of itself – form.  But consciousness, the One, is not “doing this” with a “will” or a “purpose,” because the One is not an ego as separate and distinct from its creation.  The phenomena of form itself is ever-present in all of manifested creation, and it is simply what “works” that continues on in the evolutionary cycle, while that which does not work is weeded out through natural selection.  As we have discovered before, since God is not an ego, then God cannot “plan,” “design,” or “make things happen.”  Only an ego with a will can do that.  Creation, the One simply IS without any “purpose” or “reason” besides natural selection – that which thrives, survives.  That which does not, fails to survive.  It is that simple, makes perfect sense, and has no contradiction, unlike the “creation” theory from the Biblical book of Genesis.

In “The Blind Watchmaker” book by Richard Dawkins, he states that natural selection can explain the complex adaptations of organisms.  This is only partially true, as Dawkins’ explanation does not take into account the phenomena of form and order within these complex adaptations.  The phenomena of form and order is what keeps these adaptations from being purely “random,” since there are patterns and formal structures within everything in the universe. I have never heard Dawkins or any other atheist account for the phenomena of form, or apparent “design” if you will, because they are not aware that consciousness, which includes form, is fundamental, which I explore in more depth in “The Principles of Oneness.” Atheists simply do not account for it, and theists attempt to account for it by saying an “intelligent designer” is behind it all.  Both are incorrect.  To this very day, I have heard very few define consciousness for what it truly is because almost nobody has expressed their awareness that consciousness is fundamental. Consciousness is not the brain, nor what the brain does.  The brain is a machine which can interpret consciousness through intelligence.  Consciousness is everything. It is in a sense, ALL.

As we learned earlier, form, or apparent “design” if you will, is an inherent aspect of consciousness.  This is why there are patterns and formal structures everywhere in the universe.  Consciousness, intelligence, and form, are all aspects of the same One, but it is not a “separate being” or “designer” who is responsible for all of this.  The Oneness of All is form, intelligence, consciousness itself – NOT a “separate being” that possesses these qualities.  The Oneness of All is never separate from these aspects of itself, as the three sides of a triangle are inseparable from that same one triangle.  Since there is no separate creator from creation, there is no authority, nor “hierarchy” since All is One.  Awareness of this Truth reveals the extent of just how incredibly deluded the Judeo-Christian and Islamic notions of the universe are with their ideas of a “supreme-being ego-god,” the “Devil,” the ”angels” and “archangels,” with their differing “levels of existence” and “beings.”   Since all beings and existential distinctions are ultimately illusions, then All of these notions are one-hundred percent illusory.

Once again, unlike the self-contradictory ego-based “explanations” provided by Judeo-Christian, Islamic theology, the awareness of the Oneness of All addresses the questions of existence without contradiction. How can we know the Truth about the essential nature of anything?  What is of Truth is One and undivided, without contradiction.  If there is ever any contradiction in an “explanation,” for something, then we can know the “explanation” is not truthful.   This clearly illustrates the Only Truth, the Only Reality… is the Oneness of All…


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