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While growing in the awareness of the Oneness of All, the numerous flaws and contradictions of traditional ego-centric notions of “god” become very clear.  It is a fascinating aspect of the human experience – our pattern of worshiping gods.  This behavior has been repeated by humanity over and over, across numerous cultures for millenia.  It is likely the Sun was the first object of worship by human beings, and in many respects, with good reason, as without the sun, there would be no life as we know it on Earth. 

When I first began this journey of listening to “the mystical voice” within myself, I had taken for granted the Judeo-Christian religion I had been raised with was essentially “true,” but badly twisted and misunderstood by ignorant followers and leaders of the faith.  I have since come to be less “forgiving” if you will, of Judeo-Christianity since the further along the mystical path I travel, the more layers I see of its delusion.  That being said, there are still many words of truth contained within Judeo-Christian scripture.  Unfortunately, the foundation of its theology – the notion of the reality of the self, of the ego is untrue, thereby invalidating its entire theology.  Notice I said this invalidates its theology, but not necessarily all of its scripture, since much of Judeo-Christian scripture such as “love is patient and kind,” and “…how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity,” reflect Truth beautifully. 

The more I have looked at Judeo-Christian theology, the more it is clear their notion of God is not the Oneness of All, but an ego-god being in the sky with whom one can fall in and out of “favor” with – a god who rewards and punishes according to how we conform or fail to conform to his “standards.”  This makes “Yaweh,” “Jehovah,” no different from Zeus and the Aztec gods.  Since all is One, then ego is illusion, since ego is the notion of their being an essential reality to the individual, when there never is.  All is ONE.  Contrary to Genesis’ words humanity was “made in God’s image,” it is obvious since the Judeo-Christian god is clearly an ego, this god was made in our image.  While this notion would hit fundamentalists very hard with its apparent “blasphemy,” the reality of this is very easy to see. 

The ego is the image-maker.  Or, as Krishnamurti once put it, “the image is the image-maker.”  The image-maker is the ego.  Only an image-maker can create an image. Of course.  Therefore, since only the ego, which is by definition the image-maker, can make an image, then the image of “god” is ego itself, and is therefore an illusion.  The ego can only produce more ego.  The image-maker can only produce more images.  And so it is indeed true – all ego-centric conceptions of “god” are imaginary – based on an image, an idea created by the ego.  To say we are “made in God’s image” is to call God an ego, an image-maker, which both Jews and Christians do without hesitation.  They obviously do not see, nor have they ever seen the essential problem with believing in a god who is an ego.  The failure to see the illusion of the ego is each of these religions’ most fatal flaw, as we have investigated before. 

The implications of the failure to see this essential Truth are enormous.  With one fell swoop, the theologies of all three of the major religions of Jerusalem – Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, are invalidated in this awareness.  None of their theologies reflect Truth, and are each therefore, incorrect.  The truth of the matter is, all ego-centric conceptions of “god” are nothing more than a projection of our hopes and fears onto an external, imaginary being. It is one-hundred percent fear-driven, since it is the work and product of the ego, the “devil” if you will, and its self-preservation. 

Here is how it works… the ego sees its vulnerability, its lack, its dependence on forces and others outside its control, and this creates a great deal of fear, discomfort, and insecurity within the ego.  In the ego’s desire to “fix” this “problem,” to protect and comfort itself, it creates notions of a “god” who will “watch over me” in times of trouble, a “supreme ego” who is a master over all egos that will “set things right” in an “afterlife” where all “injustice,” (wrongs done to the ego), will be exacted.  It is also a place where the ego believes all of the “good” things it did will be “rewarded.”  The fact that every one of these hopes and fears serve nothing more than the “me,” the self, it is clear all of this is one-hundred percent the handiwork of the ego, and nothing else.  The True God, which is Love, Truth, the Oneness of All, has nothing whatsoever to do with fear and ego.  Therefore, all of these fear-based notions are ridiculous and a lie.  What are the implications of this startling truth?  All Christians, Muslims, and Jews worship nothing more than ego, self, “Satan” if you will.  There is no use mincing words.  That is exactly what they are doing without even knowing it.  It is self-worship.  Nothing more.  “Satan” indeed has this world by the throat, and is the owner of every single ego-centric conception of “god” in existence.  The image of “god” is the image-maker – the ego itself.  Nothing more, nothing less. The Judeo-Christian, Islamic notions of “god” is EGOPeriod. That explains why these religions are so notorious for violence, intolerance, and war.  And by their fruits, we shall know…

There is no doubt such talk within society and certainly among Christians, Jews, and Muslims would get me killed.  The Truth may hurt, but the Truth always is.  Anyone who thinks about it honestly, will see clearly that virtually all religions are nothing more than an ego-centric conception.  It is the ego, creating an image of itself, to protect itself from its own fear and confusion.  But the ego can never transcend its own fear and confusion by its futile image-making endeavors.  Confusion produces more confusion.  It is a trap without end until awareness of the Oneness of All is seen by the seer.  And who is the “seer?”  Is is Truth, since only Truth sees anything.  Only Truth can see itself.  Therefore only Truth frees one from the imprisonment of the ego.  As beautifully reflected in John 8:32, “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”… 


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