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Head and Heart

Until very recently, my journey in seeking Truth has largely been a private one.  The vast majority of my friends and family are strong or moderate Christian believers, and I have often felt uncomfortable sharing my questioning journey with them, because

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Why Oneness?

The universe is One, hence the term uni-verse.  It is a Whole – manifested in countless forms which are ever-changing, and endlessly evolving.  The Whole is All and One, which is why there can be no “separate creator god” for the

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What is the “Spiritual?”

The true definition of the spiritual is not the “immaterial,” or a separate “non-physical world” not subject to the laws of the physical universe as is commonly misunderstood, but awareness of the Oneness of All.  It is really nothing more

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True Faith, True Love

Throughout my writings on this site, I speak very critically of faith, because it is the acceptance as true that for which we have neither evidence, or at least good evidence, nor sound reasoning, which is the essence of laziness, dishonesty, and untruthfulness. What

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