What is the “Spiritual?”

The true definition of the spiritual is not the “immaterial,” or a separate “non-physical world” not subject to the laws of the physical universe as is commonly misunderstood, but awareness of the Oneness of All.  It is really nothing more than that – seeing the Truth that All is One, and in this awareness, understanding there can be no two essential “realities” – material and “spiritual,” as the notion of substance dualism would have us believe.  The Ultimate Truth is One, not two.  The Truth of Oneness is the only true “spiritual,” not a separate, self-essential, immaterial ”reality” substance dualists like to believe.

The very notion of a non-physical “substance,” such as a “soul” or a “spirit,” is a contradiction of terms, like a round square. It cannot exist because only that which contains physical properties, such as matter and energy can be “of substance.” It cannot be “spiritual,” since that which is “spiritual” is supposedly nothing of the physical Universe. That which is not of the physical Universe can have no form since that which is “spiritual” is by definition, unlimited and “eternal,” meaning it can have no definitions of “time,” “space,” “shape,” or “form” whatsoever.  To try to explain this away by saying the “spiritual” has form, but is not of time is impossible, as time and space are the same illusion – not separate illusions.  Therefore what is not of time, can also not be of space, and therefore cannot possess “shape” and “form” if you will.  This is why the idea of the “form” of God or “spiritual entities” is impossible, and a self-contradiction. When we speak of a transcendent “God” and “spiritual entities,” we are speaking of the limitless existing within defined limits, which is exactly the same as speaking of “round squares,” which is a self-contradiction of terms, and is therefore not true.

The fact anyone can witness to Truth, to the fact of All’s Oneness is in a sense, a “miracle,” because logically, to the dualistic, rational mind, it should never happen.  The fact that it does happen, even if not very often, demonstrates the fact there is another means of knowing beyond the intellectual, rational, fragmented mind.  There is such a thing as true vision, seeing with the “mind’s eye.”  Some call this God, Truth, Love, the Holy Spirit.  Whatever name we give it matters not.  It IS.  Still, this “vision” has nothing to do with ESP, “seeing souls,” communicating with “spirits” or any other imaginary way of perceiving people mistakenly associate with “the spiritual,” since true Vision involves nothing more than seeing things for what they are – ONE…

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