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Seeing Ourselves

It is a remarkable fact how we tend to see things in others, without seeing them in ourselves. We can call others “hypocrites,” while in the same breath not recognize our own hypocrisy. We can also call other people “selfish,”

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Raiders of the Lost Truth

I have recently found myself revisiting the Indiana Jones movies, and have enjoyed them very much since “Raiders of the Lost Ark” came out when I was just 8 years old in the summer of 1981.  In fact, the first

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Human BEING…

The ego is the very notion of identity – the notion of “I,” or “me,” as separate and distinct from “other.”  One of the ways the ego distinguishines and defines itself from others is it clings to ideas it finds appealing to itself,

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Awareness Vs. Theism and Atheism

Those who witness Truth, the Oneness of All, are those who see with awareness.  Both theists and atheists make all of their arguments from a point of fact, and not Truth.  If you were to ask virtully anyone the question, “What is truth?” their answer would likely

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