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I just recently heard a fascinating debate between Sam Harris and William Lane Craig, which addressed the questions of whether the foundations of moral values are natural or supernatural, and whether or not moral values of “right” and “wrong” actually

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No Absolutes?

I have lately been finding myself exploring some thoughts which have been continually recurring in my mind with regards to both theists and atheists, and the essence of their views on reality.  I have come to realize that on the whole,

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Excuses for God

I admit I lose patience with those who try to make a “moral point” by quoting the Bible. While there are many wonderful and truthful passages in the Bible which can serve as good advice and words of wisdom, such

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What is Our Problem?

In our last exploration, we discovered the fact humanity’s pattern of living under fear, ego results in all the miseries of human life, including living under the “law” of reward and punishment, corruption, betrayal, insecurity, anger, drive-by shootings, poverty, the entire

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