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Letting Go

I have recently been reminded of an excellent song by the band Kansas entitled, “Dust in the Wind.”  It is a song I remember hearing and enjoying as a child, as it came out in January of 1978 when I

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God’s “Word?”

Whenever we try to justify our actions or rationalize a position on an issue by saying we “love” and are trying to obey “God’s Word,” our hypocrisy can become immediately apparent to anyone who has even a general knowledge of Biblical

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Reasonable Doubt, Unreasonable “Faith”

One of the oft heard criticisms theists make towards atheists is the complaint they do not believe in anything they cannot see.  Indeed, atheists are often blasted for their lack of “faith” in the unseen, for their need of “proof” as the disciple “doubting” Thomas demanded. 

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Chapter 7 “The Way of the Cross”

After examining the different stages of spiritual development, and now thinking on the passion story of Christ, it seems to me Jesus probably told his most beautiful and moving parable to humanity not with words, but in his actions and

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