How I Use the Word “God”

When speaking of God, as I do in the book and on this site, I use words such as God, Truth, Love, the One, All, or the Oneness of All.  I will also sometimes refer to God with the third person singular pronoun “He” or “His,” because I have often preferred to think of God similar to the way Jesus of Nazareth referred to God as father, or “daddy,” “Abba,” translated from the Aramaic language.  I have often found referring to God, Truth, Love, in a personal way helpful for me, so I have often liked to use words which refer to a more “personal” conception of God rather than an impersonal one.  This has at times simply been my personal preference.  However, I have noticed as I move forward in my journey in awareness, I am less comfortable with “personal” notions of God, since I have come to discover that God, Truth, the Oneness of All, whatever name we assign is not an ego, with “likes” and “dislikes,” who “makes things happen,” or “prevents things from happening,” as God is portrayed within Judeo-Christian dogma.  Any name we give for God is ultimately inadequate because there is no word for the Unspeakable, the Uncreated, that which is the Oneness of All. If I were able to use language which would be more accurate, it would be non-gender-specific, as God transcends gender and all which divides, as God is ALL…..

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