Seeing Beyond…

It is a miracle anyone can see Truth, as the human mind is the biggest obstacle between humanity and God, Love, Truth.  And while some can see Truth, very few ever see the Truth, as Jesus said in Matthew 7:14, “…small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.”  The essential reason for this is because the human mind, with the limitations of its own self-created prejudices and beliefs cannot ever see beyond itself, which makes any witnessing to Truth by the human flesh even more miraculous.  This begs the question as to what exactly witnesses Truth since the limited ego cannot.  It can only be God, Truth, Love within, as Jesus said in The Dialogue of the Savior, 7:4, “The one who speaks is also the one who hears, and the one who sees is also the one who reveals,” as only God, Love, Truth reveals itself to itself.  Krishnamurti speaks of this by saying “the observer is the observed.” 

Given this understanding, what then is True Salvation? It seems to me it is when we can witness the limits of our beliefs and prejudices when God, Truth, Love, the Holy Spirit, or whatever name we give it is doing the seeing within us, and not the ego.  That is the only way to true peace because as long as the limited ego is the one witnessing and reacting to life, it is always looking from a limited perspective.  Some call this “sowing in the flesh.”  This limited perspective is never the Truth because every perspective is necessarily limited, incomplete, and prejudiced.  The fact any human being can witness Truth at all is the greatest miracle of all, and  “proof” if you will of the existence of “God,” Truth,” “Love,” since without this transcendent, absolute Reality, such awareness would not be possible. 

The egotistical mind can never see its own prejudice, which is evident when speaking with almost everyone we interact with every day. The one who can witness the fact of their own prejudice is a rare individual indeed, but is the only person who can find the way to True Peace, as all others will continue to argue over which ideology or belief system is “right,” which brings nothing but more war and agitation.  Peace lies outside the realm of belief and prejudice. 

The real mystery is why some question and find Truth, while others do not.  That is the question which probably can never be answered, but must still be asked nonetheless.  The very act of questioning engages us towards Truth.  A sincere, avid questioner is a Truth-seeker.  May we all seek and find…

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