It’s Not About “Me”

I have said it over and over again on this site – the truth ego is illusion, and all which serves to justify the ego is illusion and is ultimately, not true.  While the ego is ultimately illusory, it is not necessarily a “bad” thing, as it is necessary to enable consciousness to be self-conscious, as without the ego, self consciousness – the One’s awareness of itself, would not be possible.  The problems arise when the ego comes to believe it is the center of the universe, and not the center of its own universe.  There is a vast difference between the two.  It is all the difference between being a people of war or peace.  That is why the question of ego, and our awareness of the truth of what our egos are is so vitally important.

Ascetics and other “religious” people the world over have for ages, taught a need for the denial of the self, or the “disciplining,” and “torturing” of the self, of the ego.  This does not lead to Truth nor enlightenment, because one is never free of the ego by denying it.  Rather, one is only free of the ego by being aware of it – of truly seeing it for what it is.  That can only come with honest, truthful, courageous inquiry of what is, without needing to defend, condemn, or justify the ego.   Judgment is an opinion of what either pleases or displeases our egos.  True enlightenment is discernment – seeing things for what they are, without judgment.  It is only ego which judges and keeps us locked into the dualistic game.  That is why the notion of a god of judgment is absurd and untruthful, as all which is Truth is non-dual and free of judgment.  That which is of ego is dual, divided, and judgmental.  Judgment is not the Truth.  The Oneness of All is the only Reality. 

When are we free of attachment to our egos? When we no longer have to defend, condemn, or justify it.  When we do not feel the compulsive need to justify our egos by creating fictions to prop up the notion it will live forever, such as afterlife theories, the notion of a loving god, or any other notion which purports the permanent reality of what is truly only temporary, passing, and illusory.  It is only when we can look at life with graciousness for what we do have, without selfishly desiring to live forever and perpetuate the notion of “me,” that we are truly free.  As long as we are justifying, defending, and perpetuating the idea of “me,” we are never free.  All wars are nothing more than a defense of the idea and perpetuation of “me.”  That is why it is vitally important for everyone on the planet to see the ego for what it is. If we all knew, actually knew within the deepest recesses of our beings we are One, that is is never about “me,” but about Life – the Oneness of All, and sharing that awareness in love, the world would be transformed into a very different place – the ngdom of God” on Earth, as Jesus is said to have spoken of.

For now, there is absolutely no evidence this will ever happen on a global scale.  But does it even have to for us to be free? Does another’s circumstance dictate our freedom within of our non-attachment to our egos? If it does, then we are not truly free.  To save ourselves through awareness of the Oneness of All is in a sense, to save the world entire…


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