Christians and Homosexuality

I sat through a sermon today on the subject of how Christians should respond to homosexuality and homosexuals.  Last week, the pastor said this would not be “what we would think.”  I was skeptically curious to see just how “progressive” this guy’s sermon would be.   He began the sermon positively by saying we should be loving, patient, and understanding of homosexuals, since we are commanded by God to love everyone.  Sounded great and open-minded enough so far.  Soon enough, as the sermon unfolded, I could see this would be more of the same Leviticus scripture condemnation nonsense, as if on cue, as the pastor continued we should not be condoning their lifestyle because it is clearly definied as “sin” within scripture, even though Jesus apparantly did not think it was as much of a “moral issue” as modern-day Christians believe since he did not have a single word to say about it in the Gospels.  The pastor responded to this fact by saying it was understood by Jesus and all of Jewish religious culture this was not moral behavior, like domestic violence, and he therefore did not have to mention it. 

Whether or not Jesus mentioned anything about it, the fact remains some homosexuals are born gay, having never “chosen” this lifestyle.  The pastor rebutted this by saying there are cases of identical twins in which one is gay and the other is not, so it therefore must somehow not be genetic, as no “gay gene” has yet been found.  Well, regardless of whether or not a particular “gene” is responsible for homosexuality, the fact remains some homosexuals are gay from day one.  I know of one friend personally who has always testified to that.  It is a fact some people are born gay.  Since this is an established fact,  then God does indeed create homosexuals – the very thing  He supposedly “detests.”  That is why the pastor tried to dance around the fact some people are born gay, as he would then have to deal with the problem of why God would create homosexuals since He despises homosexuality.  So, as we can see, the pastor, and indeed all pastors cannot go down the road of questioning because when you question why God would create what He supposedly “despises,” then you have to question why this fact contradicts “inerrant scripture.”  When you have to call one scripture into question, that opens the door to questioning all scripture, and when that happens, you then have to question the foundation of your entire belief structure, your entire world view, and that cannot happen when one worships and lives to defend their idol of belief, not to witness to the True and Living God, Love, Truth.  

It is an amazingly intricate web of deception one must weave when constructing one lie after another.  That is why this pastor had to be sure to “disprove” the fact of born homosexality.  One lie must beget more lies because the only way one can keep a lie alive is to create more lies to cover the original lie. All religions contain elements of this, especially dogmatic Christianity. Have you ever noticed how many stories Christian dogma needs to construct to arrive at just one supposed “truth”  –  like the notion of homosexuality being a “sin” in the eyes of God?  Truth needs only one story – itself.  If you take almost any given belief found in Christianity, you will discover it is never just “one story” which explains a given “truth,” but several stories, because all of these additional stories must serve to  justify and “cover the tracks” of the original lie, which is just a belief constructed by the ego.  Being gay is a  fact of life for some people, and not some “problem” from which one must be “cured” and “saved” as Stage Two fundamentalist Christians believe.  Love, and the condition of our Hearts is all that matters, as that is the foundation, the root of all actions, whether we are gay or straight.  Focusing on one’s sexuality misses the point of God, Love, and once again we see how belief trumps love within the arena of dogmatic Christianity… more of the same.

I find it humorous how fundamentalist preachers such as the one I heard today pose as being “progressive” and “open-minded” when in fact, they are nothing more than prejudiced in a different way than others who follow belief and “inerrant scripture” instead of Love, God.  In today’s sermon, the pastor spoke of his love for those who are “truth seekers.”  I almost audibly chuckled sarcastically.  These fundamentalist “truth seekers” (a contradiction of terms), are sold out to defend pre-conceived beliefs, not seek the Truth.   They may have some different ideas than other preachers, but all preachers within the traditional Christian church are bought and paid for by those who hire them – bought to preach on what the people apparantly want – pre-established notions of what God supposedly is and is not.  I suppose some people want to be lied to.  As Jesus said in The Gospel of Mary 3:7-9, “That is why you get sick and die, for you love what deceives you.  Anyone with a mind should use it to think!” It is no mystery why this text does not appear in New Testament scripture.  It conflicts with traditional Christian theology.  The truth is, pastors do not want you to think, but to conform and agree with beliefs of the faith.  Any who “err” from this path and dare to question are seen as “lost sheep” in need of a shepherd.  The reason scripture passages such as the one from the Gospel of Mary didn’t “make the cut” from the Bible constructors is because it failed to conform to their beliefs about “truth,” and contradicts traditional Christian theology.  Modern-day pastors and priests are no more seekers of Truth than the Bible constructors of the past.  Both are only concerned with finding pieces which fit their pre-conceived puzzle, not honestly seeking the Truth and the Authentic Kingdom of God….

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