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Of Sacrifice

I have spent a good deal of time throughout these past writings dismantling almost all of Christian dogma and theology.  I have done so because at Christianity’s foundation is the fundamental fatal flaw of believing that the self, the ego, is Real,

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Truth is NOT for Sale

Well, I heard another doosey of a semon this morning, which got my writing wheels turning once again.  The subject matter actually comes at a very timely moment after looking into the whole question of how the gospel writers and

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Who is Jesus Christ?

The name “Jesus Christ” is an expression of the fact of our dual natures, both human and “divine.”  To be clear, when I speak of “spirit” or of the “divine,” I am speaking metaphorically, and am not referring to the concept of

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True Salvation

The common view of salvation within traditional Christianity is to view the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ as the purchase of the souls of those who believe Jesus is the Son of God who offered himself as a necessary

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Chapter 7 “The Way of the Cross”

After examining the different stages of spiritual development, and now thinking on the passion story of Christ, it seems to me Jesus probably told his most beautiful and moving parable to humanity not with words, but in his actions and

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