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The Principles of Oneness

Everyone can observe the fact of the phenomenons of stasis and change. As much as we know things appear in many ways to “stay the same,” we know things are also constantly and endlessly changing at the same time. My

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Only One

In my last post on “Contradictions and Double-Standards,” we learned that opposites are not separate realities, but different aspects of the same One.  We learned this must be the case because under the belief in “separate,” opposite, “independent” realities, as

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A Theory of Relativity

In a discussion just a couple days ago with my best friend for life, he expressed his thoughts on the perfect balance of the Universe… that for every positive, there must also be a negative… for every outward there must also be an

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Why Oneness?

The universe is One, hence the term uni-verse.  It is a Whole – manifested in countless forms which are ever-changing, and endlessly evolving.  The Whole is All and One, which is why there can be no “separate creator god” for the

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How I Use The Word “God”

When speaking of God, as I do in the book and on this site, I use words such as God, Truth, Love, the One, or the Oneness of All.  I will also sometimes refer to God with the third person

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