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Of Judgment

It is always fascinating to hear Christians speak of what they “should” be or do as a Christian.  They will remark how a behavior is “not Christian,” or say they must do what is “Christian.”  What does that mean? Presumably

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The Conversion Illusion

Whenever we find something which works for us, whether it is a new found insight, religion, worldview, diet, workout program, meditation technique, etc., it is natural for us to want to spread the “good news” to others.  We do this because we are

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Delusions of Grandure

It has been mind-blowing to come to these insights into the origins of Christianity, the nature of life, death, and Oneness.  Wikipedia defines a delusion as “A belief held with strong conviction despite superior evidence to the contrary.”  This sums up typical religiosity

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The Vision of Awareness

I have recently come across a very entertaining website entitled “God Is Imaginary.”  The author is quite engaging and intellectually brilliant in his arguments for atheism and the absurdity of traditional notions of God, the afterlife, Biblical scripture, spiritual realms,

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Christians and Homosexuality

I sat through a sermon today on the subject of how Christians should respond to homosexuality and homosexuals.  Last week, the pastor said this would not be “what we would think.”  I was skeptically curious to see just how “progressive”

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