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God’s “Word?”

Whenever we try to justify our actions or rationalize a position on an issue by saying we “love” and are trying to obey “God’s Word,” our hypocrisy can become immediately apparent to anyone who has even a general knowledge of Biblical

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Sound Reasoning

I recently heard a recorded debate between the late Christopher Hitchens and Dinesh D’Souza about the existence of God. In this debate, D’Souza said he would not use authority, scripture, or other “transcendental” claims when making his arguments. I was

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Seeing Ourselves

It is a remarkable fact how we tend to see things in others, without seeing them in ourselves. We can call others “hypocrites,” while in the same breath not recognize our own hypocrisy. We can also call other people “selfish,”

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Only One

In my last post on “Contradictions and Double-Standards,” we learned that opposites are not separate realities, but different aspects of the same One.  We learned this must be the case because under the belief in “separate,” opposite, “independent” realities, as

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Contradictions and Double-Standards

As I have worked through many realizations while writing on “The Mystical Voice,” there have been several personal “breakthroughs” in awareness I have made, in much the same way this happened for me back in the fall of 1998 when

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