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Awareness Vs. Theism and Atheism

Those who witness Truth, the Oneness of All, are those who see with awareness.  Both theists and atheists make all of their arguments from a point of fact, and not Truth.  If you were to ask virtully anyone the question, “What is truth?” their answer would likely

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What is Existence?

When I was in college, I took a class in which I studied different religions as well as atheism and agnosticism.  This class had a profound affect on my spiritual path, as I was absorbed in the writings and theories of Immanuel Kant, John

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How I Use The Word “God”

When speaking of God, as I do in the book and on this site, I use words such as God, Truth, Love, the One, or the Oneness of All.  I will also sometimes refer to God with the third person

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