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Having it “Both Ways”

It has become a famous slogan from the fast-food restaurant Burger King to “have it your way.”  This is in the spirit of our self-centered mindset in which we would all prefer to have things “our way.”  Who could honestly

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The Opium of the People

When a doctor prescribes pain medication to us when our pain is unmanageable, we are grateful to be given relief from that pain. Often, we are in so much pain that all we know is our desire to be rid

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The Authority-Driven Life

As I watched the pastor at the church where I work proceed with the Communion ceremony yesterday, it dawned on me the essence of the entire problem with religious faith. It all centers on the concept of authority. In our

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What is Authority?

Wikipedia defines “authority” as “a word derived from the Latin word “auctoritas,” which means invention, advice, opinion, influence, or command.  In English, the word “authority” can be used to mean power given by the state or by academic knowledge of

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