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Prove It

There are three simple steps we can take to uncover the Truth about our traditional concepts of God and religion, particularly within Judeo-Christian, Islamic traditions. Recognize the fact that all contradictions and double-standards are false. Recognize the fact that all

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Awareness Vs. Theism and Atheism

Those who witness Truth, the Oneness of All, are those who see with awareness.  Both theists and atheists make all of their arguments from a point of fact, and not Truth.  If you were to ask virtully anyone the question, “What is truth?” their answer would likely

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The Conversion Illusion

Whenever we find something which works for us, whether it is a new found insight, religion, worldview, diet, workout program, meditation technique, etc., it is natural for us to want to spread the “good news” to others.  We do this because we are

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