Miraculous “Explanations”

It is amazing how tenacious the human mind is in demanding explanations for everything.  For whatever reason, most of us simply cannot accept the emptiness of the question, of not knowing.  For most of us, not having answers is a very uncomfortable feeling, and so in our demand for “answers,” we attempt to find or invent them at every turn, regardless of whether or not these “explanations” are logical, rational, or factual. 

The desire to “explain everything,” to always have “answers,” for the purpose of “security,” is the maker of all illusion.  What is it that desires this “security,” these “explanations” and illusions? Better put, what is it that desires anything at all?  It is the ego.  And why does our ego need to explain things?  Fear.  And what is fear? It is the distance between ourselves and the thing we believe we are afraid of – in other words, fear is the fact of not facing, of not seeing the Truth of something we are afraid of.  As long as we are escaping our fear in religion, drugs, alcohol, delusions, etc., the fear will never end.  Only in becoming one with our fear, by actually facing it can we be free.  Creating “explanations” based on belief and limited conclusions is escape, creating further distance between ourselves and what we are afraid of, and has nothing to do with facing fear.  Facing fear ends fear because when we truly face fear, we are no longer separate from it.  All fear ends when separation and fragmentation ends. To end fear, we must do what our egotistical instincts tell us not to do – to face it head-on. 

One of the many things I have learned on this journey, as we discovered before, is the fact there is no such thing as the “supernatural,” nor “spiritual realms,” nor any other escapist fantasies our egos may wish to indulge.  As we have discovered in our previous explorations, the ego’s desire to extend its illusory existence leads to vast stretches of the imagination, including notions of the “afterlife,” “spiritual realms,” and “other dimensions.”  When things happen our egos perceive as “extremely good” which we cannot explain nor have any known scientific explanation for, we call it a “miracle” and say, “God is good.”  When something happens which our egos perceive as “bad” or negative which has no scientific explanation, we say it must be “Satan” or some other “force” of the underworld, or say, “God is mysterious,” instead of simply accepting the inherent randomness of life.  Even scripture speaks to this, as in Matthew 5:45, “He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous.”  Things happen. There often is no explanation.  It is as simple as that. We need to make the best of these experiences and move on.  That seems much simpler to me than seeking ridiculous and fanciful “explanations” for everything under the sun, which is just a demand of the ego, nothing more.

The very way we speak of these “other realms” or “spiritual entities” reveal a lack of awareness as to why such notions are impossible. No “spiritual entity” or “spiritual body” can exist, as for something to be spiritual, it must transcend all limitations, including that of being an “entity” or a “body” of any kind – material, “spiritual,” etc.  The bottom line is, “spiritual entities” cannot exist, as it is a contradiction of terms.  What is spiritual is One, not many.  This is why the notion of an individual “immortal essence” is untrue.  Nothing which is limited to being an individual entity is ever Truth, and is therefore not permanent.  The true definition of the spiritual is not the “immaterial,” as is commonly misunderstood, but knowledge of the Oneness of All.  It is really nothing more than that – seeing the Truth that All is One.  This means knowing that which is material, that which is observed by the senses is only a mirror for Truth, but not Truth itself.  In a way, the notions of antagonism with the material world have a basis in truth because the material, phenomenal reality we observe with our senses is never in and of itself Truth.  On some level, everyone knows this, even though the vast majority of the world is not conscious of this.  The senseless and unnecessary war against the “flesh,” especially within traditional Christianity, results from a misunderstanding that in denying the flesh we can somehow “transcend” it.  That is like a cat chasing its own tail.  The flesh can never transcend itself, and so the entire exercise is pointless.  It is only knowledge of Truth which enables one to see the Truth of the material world for what it is – the manifestation of the One, but not the One itself. 

That is what it means to transcend the limitations of the flesh.  It does not mean we can now fly like a bird or get run over by a train and not die.  It means we see the material world for what it is – with the mind’s eye, the Truth within, the Holy Spirit, whatever name we give it.  It IS.  And in this knowledge, there is true freedom, no attachment to the limitations of the ego, since the Truth of one’s identity as the All is known… truly known, not as an intellectual concept, but as an experiential, living Reality.   

While we cannot ever know everything about everything, what we can know for sure is this – All is One.  Therefore, there is nothing “paranormal” nor “supernatural,” nor anything outside the fact of what all of manifested life consists of – energy and consciousness.  Nothing else.  The bottom line is this – all things have natural explanations, whether we know what these explanations are or not.  There is no such thing as a “supernatural miracle” in which water turns into wine, one walks on the water, the Red Sea parts, nor any other phenomena which contradicts natural law. Natural law is never “suspended” under any circumstances.  Just because we cannot explain some things with science does not mean it is the result of “another dimension” or “another realm of existence.”  It simply means we do not have an explanation, nor the ability to  understand yet another natural process.  There can be no other “realms” which follow completely different natural laws since creation, all is One. 

I remember reading some of a book called “Children’s Letters to God.”  One child’s question to God was why he no longer worked miracles in today’s modern times when he did it seemingly all the time in the past.  The child was of course referring to “miracles” such as parting of the Red Sea, rising from the dead, etc.  The most honest and truthful answer to give to that child is to tell them these stories are metaphors for truth, stories which point out truths of human experience, not literal fact.  Sadly, most adults, like children have no awareness of this. 

Words like “paranormal” and “supernatural” are labels we give to things we have no scientific explanation for.  Why name it at all?  Why not just be honest and say we do not know what these things are? The reason is fear.  Our egos, out of fear, need to name the unexplainable, assign “reason” for it, etc. What we call “reason” and “meaning” is what our egos decide these things are for us.  There is no “absolute meaning” nor “absolute reason” or “purpose” for anything.  Meaning and purpose is what we want things to be.  If we call it “God’s will,” then so it is.  If we say “the Devil made me do it,” then so he did.  All of these rationalizations and “explanations” are all illusions, justifications for the ego. Nothing more…


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