Living for the Lie

There are many different notions of “salvation.” Some think they will get to Heaven by accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Some believe they will receive 72 virgins in paradise upon their death.  Others believe they will be reincarnated into different beings as often as it takes until they reach a state of “nirvana,” when the cycle of birth and death finally comes to an end.  Still others see salvation as simply finding “happiness,” whatever that is for them, in this life.  And a few have come to know true salvation to be an awareness of one’s authentic identity as the Uncreated Oneness of All while in this life, with no personal, egotistical survival after physical death.  

No matter what our religion, whether it is Christianity, atheism, Buddhism, Islam, or some other worldview, all of us are ultimately seeking contentment, happiness, satisfaction, “salvation” if you will.  When it comes down to it, everyone is seeking and persuing a path to what they believe will lead to “salvation.” And it appears there are as many different “paths” to salvation as there are people.  All wars are religious wars – fights over whose “path” to salvation is “right.”  Almost everyone thinks their path is “right,” with others being “wrong,” and many believe those who follow a path other than their’s will be denied salvation.  The results of this belief, with all of the wars, bigotry, and butchery, should clearly demonstrate to us the fact of just how asinine this is.  We are obviously fighting for nothing more than an extension of ourselves, our egos, since religion, like any other aspect of our self-concept, our beliefs,  is just an extension of ourselves.  Indeed, virtually all religion is nothing more than self-worship.  And while we create wars to “defend the faith,” we are really just fighting to defend ourselves and our imaginary beliefs about God. 

I heard a sermon last Sunday which was part of a series on idolatry, and the worship of “false gods.”  I found it amazing how this pastor missed the fact his own Christian religion is just one more idol, one more manufactured product of the ego, no better than so-called “secular idols.”  Everything and anything other than true awareness of the Oneness of All is idolatry, plain and simple.  It is that black and white.  It is that crystal clear.  I watched a family of four Geese this glorious afternoon swim in a pond smooth as glass.  I watched the branches of a tree with leaves of brilliant green swaying in the wind.  And in this moment in Eternity… was worship… true Being in the present moment of the glorious One… of God.  That is eternal Life.  Living each moment vitally, fully, immersed in the Eternity of Now.  This which is true Worship has nothing whatsoever to do with what we believe, which concept of “god” we follow, or any other trivial, egotistical illusion of time. God’s Word can be heard in the rustle of the leaves on the branch of a tree through the wind, the song of a bird, the voice of a child…

What really is the Word of God?  Is it only to be found in a book, in any given scripture verse? It may be reflected in any words of Truth, whether in scripture or anywhere else.  What truly is the Word of God is truth.   Truth is always “God’s word.” It is not “inerrant” words in a book written thousands of years ago.  Common sense confirms the Bible is far from inerrant. Verses which endorse slavery, sexism, animal and human sacrifice, along with the slaughter of children cannot possibly be the “Word of God.”  As we have discovered before, the Bible contains both the Word of “God” and “Satan.”  The Bible is both truthful and not truthful, which requires discernment to separate the truth from the lie.  If a passage serves fear and justifies the ego, the passage is not truthful.  If it reflects Truth, not defending or justifying the ego, it is the “Word of God” if you will.

I have watched what can happen to good people when they follow the “inerrancy of scripture” fallacy.  I have seen good, “God-fearing” people inadvertantly sell themselves out to following the letter of the law rather than following the heart of the law, being Love and Truth.  It is tragic and heartbreaking to witness this.  It is difficult for me to comprehend the contradiction between hearing someone say they need to stay in a loveless, dead marriage “for God” even when the only thing which remains of the “marriage” is a legal paper contract and nothing more after years of trying to “make it work.”  It begs the question of what kind of “god” this is who requires one stay in a loveless or abusive situation when the essence of marriage – love and respect, no longer exist.  Sadly, these people believe they will either “go to Hell” if they get a divorce, or get a “Heavenly reward,” or at least a “Divine explanation,” that God will somehow “make sense of it all” for why they were made to endure such suffering, if they “ride it out” and stay in the marriage, no matter how miserable they are on Earth.  They will get neither after they die.  That is the point they miss as believers.  Understanding this, it is incredibly sad to see how people waste their lives on abstractions, lies, and fear.  And while they believe they are acting according to “God’s will,” which as we have discovered before, is also an illusion, they are actually making choices and life decisions based in fear, nothing else.

To be making Life decisions based in delusions such as this is self-murder.  It is spiritual suicide.  The countless millions who have in a sense, lost their lives to these absurd delusions is beyond horrific.  It is impossible to comprehend why one would believe “Godly behavior” would be hypocritical action – acting only to either avoid punishment or obtain a reward, with no consideration for whether or not one’s actions are sincere and loving.  We may try to lie to ourselves, but within the Light of Truth, we are exposed for the hypocrites we are.   Still, this is what people who “stay together for God” are doing.  Somehow they have interpreted the scripture passage from Matthew 19:9 legalistically when Jesus states only in the case of “marital unfaithfulness” can one “legally” divorce in the eyes of God. I suppose under this literal, legalistic interpretation of scripture, it doesn’t matter if you are being beaten, abandoned physically or emotionally, nor experiencing any other legitmate grounds for divorce, since only “marital unfaithfulness” is legitimate grounds for divorce. Here is another great example of needing to use discernment when reading scripture.  Common sense tells us if God is a God of Truth, then it makes no sense to remain in a hypocritical and dishonest situation in which one stays married to another on paper when in their heart, they are already divorced.  The Word of God is Truth, not so-called “inerrant scripture” which forces one to lie to themselves, their spouse, and everyone else.

And then, people wonder why “God would pick a spouse for me who cannot properly love me. ”  This of course comes from the delusionary fallacy God “picks” anything at all.  God has no will, no plan, does nothing, and has nothing to do with “picking” your spouse.  To say our spouse or any other circumstance was “God led” or “God picked,” is to relinquish responsibility from ourselves and make a scapegoat of God.  When things do not go well in our lives, it is much more convenient to “blame God” than it is to accept responsibility for our own actions.  On the other side of the equation, we can get a nice ego boost for ourselves when things do go well in our lives, and draw the erroneous conclusion “God has big plans for me,” or think it means we are somehow “in God’s graces.”  When you look at both sides of this delusionary notion of God, it becomes clear this entire concept is all about “me,” the self.  This is the totality of Judeo-Christian theology, and is its greatest, most fatal flaw – the belief in the reality of the self, of the ego. Since the ego is not reality, then this entire conception of God is not reality.  God is not a self nor an ego, God is ALL, the Oneness of All…  

So, it is clear that in living for this delusionary notion of “god” as an ego who “has a plan,” “makes decisions,” who “makes things happen” or “not happen,” has “likes” and “dislikes,” who “rewards” and “punishes,” one ends up living for the lie and not God as they claim.  People obviously do not mean to do this.  They really believe in their heart they are following “God’s will,” but it is not God they are following.  It is fear they are following.  Fear is no different than “Satan,” and in light of this understanding, it is horrifying to see the stark, harsh reality of the fact that almost the entire world is serving fear, ego, “Satan.”  People worry about “standing before God” on “Judgement Day,” while not even batting an eye to the fact they are, by serving their false notions of God, serving “Satan” every day of their lives. It is beyond disgusting to realize these nice people, in worshipping their false notions of God, are only “Satan’s” puppets, without even knowing it.  Even in their immense pain, “believers” will often stubbornly stand by their “faith in God,” without even thinking to question the very fabric of their belief in God itself, the source of all this contradiction and misery because the lie teaches us not to question.  This is a great example of unreasonable faith, and this is why questioning everything is so important to finding Truth.  The reward for those who fail to question, who fail to see, who continue to follow these false conceptions of “god,” will be a lifetime of delusion, to have never truly lived, never truly loved, never truly known the essence of Life, with no afterlife to “make things right” in the endWorried about “Judgement Day?”  It has already transpired, and Hell is right here – on Earth, whenever there is no awareness of Truth. 

We see the incredibly painful consequences of living for the lie, for the “devil,” for mere ideas about God, and not the True God.  In selling ourselves out to these false notions of “god,” which is nothing more than living for our egos, we pay the price of Life itself.  What’s more, those who can see, can only share love with others, but cannot make others see.  This can be extremely frustrating and painful to realize, especially when dealing with people we love very much.  And while it is very painful to watch others live for the lie, it is only in sharing genuine Love without judgement we can ever hope to bring healing to a dying world.  When living for these lies about God, we end up feeling miserable, confused, frustrated, and betrayed. We should feel betrayed since we are fed lies from day one about God by those who are supposed to be our “spiritual leaders.” Any “answers” sought from these so-called “leaders,” or within these delusional beliefs about God, will only lead to more confusion.  This is why traditional Bible study led by a pastor with an agenda, doctrine, or dogma to defend is useless, as it only increases one’s enslavement to the lie. What’s more, almost the entire world is not conscious of Truth, and therfore cannot see the lies in which they are immersed.  Intense peer pressure from virtually the entire world to not question, to not “upset” the status quo, to not step out into the unknown, make the persuit of Truth almost impossible for nearly everyone.  It is sad, incredibly sad we live in a culture of death, fear, and its perpetuation… a culture which does nothing to support the persuit of the question, the Truth.  This is indeed “Satan’s” world.  On that, the theologians are correct.  If they only knew just how they are correct, which of course, they do not.

Living for the lie is like staying with an abusive spouse in which there is no love nor respect any longer in the marriage.  We stay with the other out of fear, for “comfort” and “security,” not love, and this “god” we worship makes us second-hand people who have no authenticity within ourselves because we are instead filled with everyone else’s ideas about who and what God is, and taught to never question it.  Since virtually everyone is incorrect in their conceptions of God, it is merely the blind leading the blind into a dark hole of ignorance and nothingness.  We stay with these tired, untruthful, worn out, ignorant, false notions of God for the same reasons we stay with an abusive partner – for “security,” for “comfort,” which is never any true security or comfort at all. And what is the price we always pay for this false comfort and security? Fear.  Belief in the illusion all will one day be “made right” if only we “hang in there” is wishful thinking and a lie.  It is the same lie we tell ourselves when staying with an abusive partner as when we stay in an abusive relationship with our false conceptions of God.  On this path we will indeed hang in there – by our necks… until dead….

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