Delusions of Grandure

It has been mind-blowing to come to these insights into the origins of Christianity, the nature of life, death, and Oneness.  Wikipedia defines a delusion as “A belief held with strong conviction despite superior evidence to the contrary.”  This sums up typical religiosity among fundamentalists in particular quite well – frighteningly well. 

These realizations I have come to in these investigations, along with this definition have brought me to the startling and staggering awareness that virtually the entire human population is living in delusions of grandure, or at least, delusions without the grandure.  Robert Pirsig, in his book, “Lila: An Inquiry Into Morals,” stated, “When one person suffers fom a delusion it is called insanity.  When many people suffer from a delusion it is called religion.”  The realization of the fact virtually the entire human population is delusional means by Pirsig’s definition, almost everyone is insane.  I am sad to say I must agree with him. 

All of the adults with whom I have my most intimate relationships, save one person, live in delusion in one form or another.  I am confident none of these people I love dearly will ever see this Reality.  This saddens me tremendously.  This is not arrogance, but an acknowledgement of what is, and the fact nobody changes unless they see. And one cannot be “made” to see, or “converted” to enlightenment.  That is the mistake of the typical fundamentalist, who believes in “saving lost souls.”  One can only share love and Truth, and in that, the Truth within others may be awakened.  No coersion, no threats, no control whatsoever can be imposed on anyone to “make them see.”  Nobody sees until the seer within witnesses the Truth of itself within.  We can only share and be complete in following the way of Love in our interactions with others.  That alone is our calling. 

I do not know the mystery as to why some see and almost everyone else does not.  There appears to be a “bell curve” in which we have the unprincipled, criminal, “Stage One” types at one end, the vast majority in the middle, the “Stage Two” fundamentalists, and/or secular non-questioning individuals, followed by the “Stage Three” atheists and agnostics who are very scientific minded, rejecting traditional religion, but still do not see the whole, and at the other end are the few “Stage Four” mystics who see the Oneness of All, and the illusions of the dualistic world of appearances. 

So, we see almost the entire world are either criminals and completely lost, or fundamentalists, atheists or agnostics, believing their view of the world is “right” with everyone else’s view “wrong.” This creates inevitable war because everyone is trying to convince everyone else they are “right.”  The childishness of this is disgusting.  Is it any wonder given this pitiful state of affairs why humanity is so hopelessly lost in delusion and chaos? It is a miracle we have existed as long as we have, in spite of ourselves.  The world is run by “Stage Two” fundamentalist types, and this is why the world in which we live is controlled by fear and ego.  These are people who aggressively promote their religious agendas, whether it is Muslims flying airplanes into buildings for Allah, conservative Christians threatening “non-believers” to an eternity of hellfire and damnation if they don’t believe, or atheists who angrily seek to crush any and all religious symbols and ideas, the result is the same for all – ignorant intolerance and war mongering.  The world is as we are, so if our view of reality is dualistic, then we will produce further duality and conflict.  Like produces like.  Love brings love.  Dualistic, egotistical confusion breeds more confusion. It is quite simple.  Unfortunately, understanding of this simplicity for one person is insufficient to change the awareness of everyone else. Each individual must themselves come to this realization to bring the true Kindgom of Heaven on Earth.  The liklihood of this happening however, it quite small, with human nature being what it is.

What can be so frustrating from the mystic’s perspective is the fact almost nobody sees the perspective of Oneness, and so while everyone else plays their petty dualistic games, the mystic sees the Unity of All, and sees that the only hope for humanity to find True Peace and Healing can only lie in knowledge of Truth within, the Oneness of All, which has nothing whatsoever to do with the ego’s “moral standards of behavior” and opinions of what “works” and what doesn’t.  These things are nothing more than dualistic games and nonsense.  Watching people try to “solve” these inevitable problems resulting from living within this duality is extremely frustrating.  As we have discovered before, the ego can solve absolutely nothing.  It can solve nothing because it sees nothing.  In this sense, the world is indeed “black and white” in that one either sees or they do not see.  When you do not see, you may play games, invent gods, saviors, create pain relief, new governments and committees to “solve” these problems, but in the end, when it is all said and done, nothing is ever accomplished. 

The ego instinctually knows it is a complete failure in trying to “solve” the immense problems of Life, and tries to fool itself into believing it has found “the answer” with its latest concoction of pain relief and delusion.  Sadly, no answer ever exists for the ego.  There is nothing there.  Nothing at all.  Nothing but conflict and contradiction, hope, fear, and illusion.  This is obviously an incredibly sad and hopeless state of affairs, for life within the ego is pure Hell.  Nothing more, nothing less.

The end of all delusion is the awakening to the dawn of wholeness, which is Truth.  As only Truth sees Truth, which alone… sets us free…

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