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We Are All Atheists

What is an atheist? The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines an atheist as follows. “A person who does not believe in the existence of a god or any gods.” Because this definition does not define which god one must reject to be a “true

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Letting Go

I have recently been reminded of an excellent song by the band Kansas entitled, “Dust in the Wind.”  It is a song I remember hearing and enjoying as a child, as it came out in January of 1978 when I

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Having it “Both Ways”

It has become a famous slogan from the fast-food restaurant Burger King to “have it your way.”  This is in the spirit of our self-centered mindset in which we would all prefer to have things “our way.”  Who could honestly

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I just recently heard a fascinating debate between Sam Harris and William Lane Craig, which addressed the questions of whether the foundations of moral values are natural or supernatural, and whether or not moral values of “right” and “wrong” actually

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The “Sacred” and the “Miraculous?”

It is an oft used phrase that “nothing is sacred” in this world.  It is a phrase often used with a sigh by those who believe “the good old days” were better than what we have today, as if something

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Our Slavery Addiction

In the United States of America especially, we continually hear about “freedom.” It is the one value we claim to cherish, perhaps above all others, especially within our secular Western culture. It is therefore quite hypocritical that in the United States

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No Absolutes?

I have lately been finding myself exploring some thoughts which have been continually recurring in my mind with regards to both theists and atheists, and the essence of their views on reality.  I have come to realize that on the whole,

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Rocking the Boat

The fear of change, or at least the desire to “stay put” is possibly the biggest reason for dishonesty.  It is far easier to stay put, blame others, and not reconsider our point of view so our world can remain

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True Faith, True Love (Audio Version)

Click here to read written version of “True Faith, True Love”

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Something from Nothing? (Audio Version)

Click here to read written version of “Something From Nothing?”

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