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The “Genesis” of an Illusion

We have discovered it time and again throughout our journeys on this site… the fact that the ego, the self-concept, is an illusion, rendering all belief structures which assume the ultimate reality of the self to be fiction.  Since All is

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The Creator IS the Created

One of the problems people can run into when contemplating the mysteries of the universe, is in believing there must have been a “beginning” to it all.  This comes from our perception of the illusion of time, created by the ego,

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Comfort Zone

We have together explored some of the reasons why we adhere to traditional religious belief.  We have discovered at the heart of it all, is ego, the self-concept, and that without the ego, none of these religious delusions would exist, since religious belief serves no

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Awareness Vs. Theism and Atheism

Those who witness Truth, the Oneness of All, are those who see with awareness.  Both theists and atheists make all of their arguments from a point of fact, and not Truth.  If you were to ask virtully anyone the question, “What is truth?” their answer would likely

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True Vision

A few nights ago, I had a dream. I was in a 727 airplane, and at one point jumped out of the plane.  In the past, I have had anxiety and fear when dreaming of jumping from high places, but now, I

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