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True Salvation

The common view of salvation within traditional Christianity is to view the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ as the purchase of the souls of those who believe Jesus is the Son of God who offered himself as a necessary

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The Inerrancy of Scripture?

I love much written in the Bible.  Much of it is very beautiful and poetic, verses like Isaiah 11:6 “And a little child shall lead them,” or from Revelation 22:5 “ They will not need the light of a lamp

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One “Right” Religion?

I have heard several preachers scoff at the idea Ghandi spoke of that all religions can lead to God, to Truth.  It would make sense they would scoff at this since their jobs as ministers for a particular faith depend

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Reward and Punishment?

We all know the Truth deep down because we are all from and of the Truth.  We are all, as the Apostle Paul wrote, “children of the light.” We all know the notions of “eternal punishment” and “rewarding righteousness” are

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God IS Love

Since the only reality is Love, then the only God is Love.  And when the only God is love, then He has nothing to do with what is contrary to love.  Love has nothing to do with belief.  Love is

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Fact Versus Truth

Our society has misunderstood the meanings of fact versus truth.  Contrary to popular belief, they are not the same thing.  Fact is something which can be demonstrated and proven with tests, experiments, and research, while truth cannot be confirmed or

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Belief Versus Truth

Belief itself is ultimately everyone’s idol, and the “baggage” we must leave behind to follow Truth, God, Love, as Christ asked of his disciples and those who would follow God.  What we are really called to do is Love – period.  Not believe.  What benefit

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How I Use The Word “God”

When speaking of God, as I do in the book and on this site, I use words such as God, Truth, Love, the One, or the Oneness of All.  I will also sometimes refer to God with the third person

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Chapter 7 “The Way of the Cross”

After examining the different stages of spiritual development, and now thinking on the passion story of Christ, it seems to me Jesus probably told his most beautiful and moving parable to humanity not with words, but in his actions and

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Chapter 6 “Stages of Awareness”

Within the discovery that rote following of traditional religion will never ultimately lead us to authentic awakening to Truth, one is compelled to keep seeking until they find the life-giving waters of Love.  This has led me down a different

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